Full Moon Meshuga

If I complain one more time about our Oregon spring weather, are you all going to delete this website from your favorites bookmark list?

Okay. I won't complain. I will just let a photo do what mere words about our crappy spring cannot.

drove her car into the store, missing him by just a few feet. The 51-year-old woman hit a yellow safety post. If she had chosen the next-over parking space, she would have driven right into the people-filled recycling center and this story would have a very different ending. No one was injured... but I think the lady will be car shopping soon.

Then... you won't believe this... on his way home, less than a mile from our house, a young woman came around a corner on the wrong side of the road and nearly ran DT into a ditch! Dave was quite shaken after he returned home and vowed to never leave the house again stay home the rest of the day. Any sexist comments regarding female drivers will be politely ignored for the next 24-hours in this house.

I blame all these shenanigans on the full moon... not to mention there was a total lunar eclipse today. The scientist tell me it was impossible to see the eclipse from our house, as it appeared over the Middle East and Asia, but I don't believe them. It was dark all day. No one can convince me strange things were not afoot at the Circle K in our town.

I love that terrible movie. We can't drive through San Dimas (California) without laughing.

Here is the 100-minute eclipse in a ten-second (sorry about the music) video:

When things get crazy, I head for the kitchen.

Beer & Oat Bread dough

I baked a loaf of my whole-wheat Beer & Oat Bread - which I made with a bottle of Black Butte Porter brewed at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon (my Dad's favorite beer). Even my bread-baking skills are meshuga today.Beer & Oat Bread - out of the oven

Doesn't this loaf of bread look delicious? Well, it was delicious...

Mount St. Helens on me and exploded on one side. Dang.

The weather also inspired me to make a big pot of chili. I know. Meshuga. Who makes a big pot of chili in the summer besides Oregonians?

Don't you mess with me!

We are staying home tonight. It's too dangerous to go out. We will be enjoying our chili and Beer Bread.

And possible a few beers.

Until my next update, I remain, your calm correspondent.