Forty Years

Forty years ago this month, DT moved into a freshman dorm at the University of Oregon. He roomed with a fellow track teammate and met a fine group of fellows. Forty years later, this group of men are still friends. Careers have taken them around the world and across the country, but they have kept in touch. We have a lawyer, a doctor, an advertising executive, and a retired bum (DT). As often as possible, they all come to Oregon for a football homecoming game. They meet-up at bowl games. They all attended Lisa's wedding. Three of the roomies have kids out of college, two are grandparents and one has an 11-year-old!

Saturday the Fighting Ducks meet Cal in Eugene, and the boys are gathering here for their 40 year reunion. If you have been wondering why this blog has been so quiet for the past few days is because I have been busy baking.

Organic Honey Crisp pie

Baking. Cooking. Preparing the house for a houseful. So much fun when this group gets together!

Snickerdoodles, so guess what Sierra found in the cookie jar?

Whiskey Soda Lounge

I am so happy DT made a lot of friends his freshman year at Oregon, because you cannot get a reserved table at Pok Pok with less than eight people. After rendezvousing via rental car and airplane, we all met at the Whiskey Soda Lounge (across the street from - and owned by - Pok Pok) for a drink before being seated at our reserved table on the porch at Pok Pok.

once visited the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, so I was most anxious to taste this lovely bourbon with an Oregon twist. We especially enjoyed the huge square chunk of ice. The hottest trend in cocktails these days seems to be massive square or round ice cubes.

Terry, Red, Marcia, Lisa, Me, Rosie, DT and half of Bruce

Terry is married to Rosie. Red is married to Marcia. DT is married to Me. Bruce is married to Lisa. Lisa and Bruce have Sierra - who snapped this photo.

There will be a test.

Marcia & Sierra

Until my next update, I remain, your very happy correspondent.