DT and I have returned to our home in Portland, after a crazy-busy weekend in Los Angeles helping to prepare the nursery and house before our Grandbaby arrives (due August 14). In two days, we finished every task on Lisa & Lenny’s to-do list:

Assemble Crib
Frame Baby Pictures
Get Glider
Hang Patio/Café Lights
Install Curtain Hardware/Hang curtains
Install Drawer Hardware
Prune/weed bed in front of house
Untie star jasmine plants
Wash Windows / Clean Front of House
Weed side of house / spread bark dust
Weed Succulent Bed / place new rocks
Purchase glass food storage containers

These projects required two trips to Lowe’s (and two trips to the neighborhood hardware store), one visit to Target and one trip to The Container Store. Lenny had to drive all the way to Torrance to fetch the glider/rocker. All four of us are exhausted and we all have sore muscles. But look at the results:

New windows. New crib and changing table. New glider. New rug. New curtains. Lisa’s childhood books on the wall.

Pretty little crib. A mural-thingy is planned for the wall above the crib. (Later, and a professional is completing that task.)

Lisa is quite pleased with their color choices and is very happy with the results of our hard work. We had a very good weekend and spent so much time together. It was great seeing the kids and Dave and I were both able to feel the baby move several times. Hopefully Lisa and Lenny can relax a bit, now that the nursery is ready.

The only thing missing is a baby.

But I think there is one around here somewhere.

Until my next update, I remain your handy correspondent.

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