Fast Food Freeway

Remember last week, when we flew down to Los Angeles to see Lisa, Lenny & Leo? Remember that big juicy burger I enjoyed on November 6th? The one I said was my last burger for a while because I had been a bad girl and had not jogged all weekend and was in danger of having to fly back to Portland in the cargo area of the plane?
I was sticking to my promise and came home, ran every day and dined super healthy and mostly vegan all week. I was feeling very good again... until we decided to drive our car to Merced for a party on Saturday night. Unlike My Driver, who is happy washing his running clothes out in the hotel sink - I cannot stand this and usually refuse to run on trips away from a washer/dryer.

So, I didn't run this weekend either. (FYI: I usually take Saturday off anyway.) We ate well Friday, as I packed a healthy picnic lunch which we enjoyed at a rest stop just over the California border. Friday night we dined at Biba in Sacramento and I chose grilled chicken.

Saint! Martyr! Smart Girl!

But on Saturday we went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch and I don't even want to know how many calories I consumed at the birthday party - Wine. Birthday Cake. Spinach dip. Spinach Dip. Spinach Dip.

Did I mention the spinach dip?

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