Bastille Day

Today at Taylor Manor we celebrated Bastille Day. Seriously, we probably would celebrate National Paperclip Day if given enough notice... but today we honor the brave French women and men who finally said enough is enough and formed a free French Nation. Since France is going through a very difficult (burka-free) time these days - economically and politically - we thought it only right to celebrate the best of the best of the culture. We stimulated the French economy by drinking a bottle of (what is the carbon footprint on this?$9 rosé wine. We do what we can. Viva La France! But my menu is not what consumed most of my day. We are going on a road trip in our bus for much of August. Yellowstone National Park! Deciding to go to Yellowstone National Park in August is equal to deciding to go to Hawaii over Christmas. No room at the inn. It took hours on the phone and all of my considerable internet skills to pull-off this trip, Dear Reader. I hope you will all enjoy our Postcards from the Road as we tour through the beautiful wild west of Our Great Nation. In my spare time, I arranged for our Grand Dawg to be flown back to Los Angeles via a girl-who-now-works-with-the-roommate-of-the-Lovely-Lisa-and-went-to-high-school-with-Mary's-son. Anyone dizzy yet? I know I am.Spread the love -->