Around the RV park

Eugene, Oregon: DT and I arrived to Eugene yesterday evening. We set up camp (i.e. pushed a few buttons and flipped a few switches) and then went to dinner with a group of young athletes. Nothing like watching a runner eat!

My Beloved had meetings today at the University, so I martyred volunteered myself to stay at the campsite all day without a car. I had a very enjoyable day - I worked on a few projects, spent a little time with Don Draper, peeled five pounds of potatoes and produced a massive bowl of potato salad for our tailgate tomorrow evening. I wrote down every ingredient and if the salad is greeted with positive reviews, I will post the recipe.

It was not an easy task, creating a 9.4 pound bowl of potato salad in a RV kitchen.

Luckily, I'm a RV Goddess.

The weather was too beautiful to keep me indoors for long.

Premier RV Resorts has a pretty little lake/large pond on their property.

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GAME NIGHT INFO: Just a gentle, friendly reminder - the #1 Ducks will face the UCLA Bruins Thursday night. The game is live nation-wide on ESPN. 6p pacific/9p eastern. The University has requested everyone in the stadium wear yellow. Watch the game. Wear yellow. Send me (goddess @ rvgoddess.com) photos of your family room tailgate party!

Until my next update, I remain, your BEAT THE BRUINS correspondent.