Afternoon in Oregon Wine Country

While we were away this winter, escaping the Oregon Drizzle, our friends at Ponzi opened a new tasting facility in nearby Sherwood, Oregon. Holy Moley - is this place gorgeous!

It's very modern, sleek and industrial-chic.

If you recall (if not, I will remind you), we served Ponzi wines at Lisa' & Lenny's wedding last October. The Ponzi family is known for being one of the first to plant pinot noir grapes in our area.

The views are outstanding from every corner of the property - we could see the Coast Range and the Cascade Mountains.

We enjoyed a taste of their sparkling rose - this photo enhanced for fun with Photoshop. Perfect day for an icy rose. Mother Nature woke up yesterday, checked her calendar and noticed she had forgotten to turn-up the furnace in Oregon. It was 90 degrees today! Yes!

Looks as if My Driver made a little purchase to take home!

Though the new tasting room can't be more than six or seven miles from the original tasting room (still open as well), I urge you to take the beautiful drive out to Ponzi Sherwood if you are ever in the Portland area.

Keeping with the wedding theme, we also visited Red Ridge Farms Oregon Olive Mill. Their olive oil was served with the bread during the wedding feast.

Dundee Bistro - also owned by the Ponzi family. One of our favorite restaurants in Oregon, we never fail to find something interesting on the menu - and we love their wines.