Just a quick little note from Autzen Stadium: the Ducks won again!

The Roomies piled into our Chevy Tahoe. DT and I drove the RV and we all met up in the parking lot for our largest tailgate. Ever. We had so many guests, we actually ran out of food!

Do you all remember my favorite Oregon State trooper? Though he has yet to arrest me, Brett always stops by our tailgate when he is in town for a game! A proud Oregon alum, Brett has served Our Country in Iraq and is presently in the National Guard. In his spare time, Brett serves Our Great State as a state trooper. His beautiful wife, Sam, was with him today.

Brett posed with our friend Marcia too.

Seriously, I just feel safe when Brett is around.

Jake, Paigemon & Steve

Our usual tailgate posse.

Pat & Cody

Lots of old friends stopped by to say hello.

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