Sorry about the squirrel killing yesterday.

I still feel awful. Especially since I have driven over past the now-pancake-like carcass twice since the deed.

NOTE: There are two additional dead squirrel pancakes on this one-mile hill. And one smished raccoon.

It’s a jungle out there people.

But it certainly explains the high Turkey Vulture population in this area.

Another thing we have a surplus of around here in the fall? Spiders.

This creature lives in my kitchen window.

On the outside part.

This is the view looking out the kitchen window. She has an elaborate web – nearly one foot across. She spends the day sitting in the center of the web – waiting for lunch.

Every few days it seems, her web gets a little messy. Messy due to wind. Messy due to catching prey. And a few days ago – messy due to mating. Yep – she had a gentleman caller. A few minutes after he left (no flowers, no candy, no cigarette), this teeny one-inch all-legs spider ate her web and crawled up in the corner of the window. When we woke the next morning – she had spun another perfect Halloween-worthy web! She eats and re-spins her web every few days.

By the way – this is a non-venomous, non-aggressive spider. Giant House Spider and not the similar-looking dreaded Hobo Spider.

I hope.

There are actually four or five of these spiders with beautiful webs on the east side of our house right now. They are amazing and so busy this time of year. This poor spider has attached her web between a wind chime (that swings with the breeze) and a gate (that swings every time someone goes through it). This spider must be worn-out from spinning.

When she saw me coming – she headed for the wind chime and climbed up into the bell.

Yoo Hoo. I can still see you.

Some spiders are just camera shy, I guess.

Until my next update, I remain, your arachnid-paparazzing correspondent.

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