The history of the Manhattan cocktail is surrounded with mystery, controversy, variations and story-telling. Wait – that seems to be the story surrounding most popular cocktails. Who invented the drink (was it Winston Churchill’s mother?) and which type of whiskey was originally used (American rye, Canadian rye, or bourbon) is unknown, and it really doesn’t […]

Egg Nog

I had forgotten a bit about this wonderful recipe, as for years it has been advised to not eat raw eggs. Since it is now possible to purchase pasteurized eggs* in the regular egg section of your supermarket, it is time to bring out the wonderful formula again. 1 pint premium-quality vanilla or vanilla-bean ice […]

Pomegranate Sparkler

I hope this recipe does not reach you too late to stop off to the package store before your Thanksgiving guests arrive. Trust me – it is worth the diversion. Though I have only worked on this concoction a few times – it was easy to perfect. Good ingredients lend themselves to many uses, and […]

Fiesta Margaritas

In the sunny American south, Margaritas are a must before a Mexican meal. The secret to my Margaritas is the orange juice. This recipe is perfect for parties where you need a larger quantity of margaritas. Our recipe was very popular with our friends in Taipei. Combine: 1 cup gold tequila (best quality you can […]

Skinny Goddess Margarita

Want a margarita, but not all the sugary calories? Try my version of a Skinny Girl margarita. Only 86 calories, but you won’t miss a thing. If you want the real-deal, try my Real Margarita. Fill a double old-fashion glass, or a margarita glass will ice and add: 1 ounce best-quality gold tequila 1 ounce fresh […]

Lenny’s Margarita

A little less alcohol and a lot of fresh juice = a great margarita. 2 ounces Patron Silver (or premium white tequila) 1 ounce Patron Citronge (or good quality orange liquor) 2 ounces organic orange juice 1 ounce fresh squeezed organic lime juice Stir ingredients together and serve over a margarita glass (or an old-fashioned […]

Real Margaritas

One of the favorite beverages of tourists to Mexico (not including bottled water) is of course, the Margarita. Note, that I wrote “tourist”. Mexicans do not usually drink margaritas. Locals drink beer, brandy or mezcal and they like their tequila straight. Margaritas are the domain of gringos. There are three popular legends about the origin […]

Sitges Sangria

We watched the bartender at a wonderful restaurant in Sitges (Spain) make pitchers of Sangria in the evenings – and I think this tastes just like his concoction. It is important to use the Torres brand wine our bartender used – easy to find with the little plastic bull tied to the top of the […]

Rum Punch

A Caribbean Cruise in a glass! ¾ cup pineapple juice (6 oz.) 1 cup orange juice (8 oz.) 2 Tablespoons grenadine syrup ½ cup Meyers (dark) rum Ice Fresh fruit garnish, if desired, such as orange slices or pineapple wedges Mix first four ingredients in a small pitcher. Fill tall glasses with ice, pour punch […]

Orange Bourbon Sour

One of my favorite cocktails. Serve in an old fashioned (rocks) glass, over plenty of ice. Garnish with an orange slice. The pitcher will serve 6 to 8 cocktails, depending upon how much ice is in the glass. For one cocktail: 2 oz. bourbon (I use Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey) 2 oz. orange juice 1 […]

Mint Julep

You don’t have to wait until the Kentucky Derby to enjoy a mint julep! Traditionally served in small silver cups, our mint juleps are super easy and very refreshing – and taste just as great out of plastic glasses around the campfire. The mint syrup can also be used in a mojito cocktail and is […]