Braised Sesame-Ginger Tofu

Indio, California:  Dang, I still keep typing 2015!

First, a quick photo of those gorgeous snow-capped San Jacinto mountains. Can't get enough of palm trees and snow. So pretty.

The other day I promised to share my recipe for Braised Tofu and I am keeping my promise for once. The Lovely Lisa usually bakes her tofu and this method is a mess-free way to enjoy this healthy food. If your family still is not a fan of tofu, try cutting the tofu into little bite-sized cubes for this recipe. This will give more crispy brown edges, which will help trick those not pleased with the soft interior texture.

Trivia: in Chinese, tofu is pronounced doh-fu, and (I guess because we lived in Taiwan for several years?) that is how we pronounce the word in our family.

Taiwan Pickle.

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We did not finish our tofu and rice, so the next day it made a super delicious fried-rice lunch:

Waste not, want not.

Until my next update, I remain, your thrifty correspondent.

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