Sunday in the Resort

Sent from Lisa's hotel room this morning

Indio, California:  Happily, I finished my run early (thanks to our early-rising Grand Dawg-slash-alarm clock), because the weather turned nasty this afternoon. Terrible winds and clouds. Temperatures were still in the 70's.

All sorts of strange things are going on in this resort. First, the terrible coach fire and today more fire trucks raced into the park to rescue a guy trapped in an elevator! A tanker truck and a ladder truck were required. The firefighters were able to get the camper out via electronics, so the jaws-of-elevator-life were not required. It is only a two story building - remind me to take the stairs.

Speaking of booze...

 has been previously featured on this website, but this morning I saw a boat in the resort named SHIP FACED. Anyone else noticing a theme here?

This afternoon Lisa, Lenny, Leo and Lenny's parents came to visit. This is the first time Lenny's folks had seen a RV resort! This is also the first time they had been in a motorhome. May as well start with the best, eh?

Leo with his Grandpa Steve

Lenny is the eldest of three. Lisa is an only child. Lenny's parents, DT and I agree Leo is much better tempered than any of our four children combined. Maybe our memories have slipped a bit? We showed Leo all around the resort this afternoon and then schlepped him up to the dining room for Italian food.

Leo was a big hit. Our server, Brenda, took Leo back to the kitchen to show him off. This reminded me of so many times when Lisa was a baby in Asia. Once, in Japan, the server took a fussy Lisa back to the kitchen so we could enjoy a quiet dinner. I looked back to the kitchen to see the workers peeking into her diaper to see if Lisa was a boy or a girl. 

True Story!

Until my next update, I remain, your resort correspondent.

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