Poker Run

Indio, California: The Motorcoach Country Club held their annual Poker Run social event this afternoon. The contest is fun, well-attended, and was created as a way to include/celebrate new owners so we can all get to know them and they can all get to know us. I did not volunteer this year (as I have previously). My Driver has been ill with the same crud that struck me a few weeks ago (now you know why it has been so quiet on this blog - we have been doing nothing but sneezing), we decided to not share our germs with the happy boaters. Honestly, a lot of people in our resort have been ill and I'm steering (pun intended) clear.

It was 85° in Indio today.

Yacht Club since all the boats on the lake are small, electric, and restricted to 9mph.

Waiting on our boat dock

The best part of being a spectator, besides sipping on mimosas, is chatting with the boaters as they waited on our boat dock, to get to Colleen and Rick.

The names of the boats are so clever:

Still my favorite: Nota Lota Yachta

Wouldn't Jimmy Buffett be happy?

Check the spelling on this one.

So clever. (That's Rick on his dock in blue shorts. Colleen is in pink.)

To be fair - the Captain is named Chuck

Anyone starting to notice a theme here?

Does this give you a hint?

I checked his license. It is legit.

I'm sure there is an explanation, but I have yet to hear...

Now that's just funny!

Keeping with the booze theme... we have Wine Down...

and Wine-N-Down.

Not to be confused with Watt Fun...

and... Watts Hapnin.

The above photos only represent a few of the boats participating today (and there were many more tied-up to their docks today as well). Everyone really was having a fun time!

After the contest was over, the boaters gathered on the top floor of the Yacht Club for a potluck Chili Dump. Though I may get nauseous just typing this - a Chili Dump is where everyone brings a quart of chili and it is all dumped into a giant pot, heated up and served. Oh goodness, that just sounds awful to me. Have any of My Dear Readers participated in such a "meal"... if I can call it a meal? Am I missing out on the best dining experience of my life?


Until my next update, I remain, your land-lubbing correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club