Track Town USA: We had a busy, interesting day. Foggy and cold. I had to work this morning, shipping orders and adding new writers to my RV Travelogues website. Dave had meetings at the U all afternoon about track & field. He said everyone at the U of O Athletic Department is just exhausted after the big football weekend... and Stanford had the week off. Next week will be really tough.

I am not even worried.

After a very bad diet all weekend... mac & cheese, chips, Jack Daniels, a little Halloween candy, pizza... it was time for a healthy veggie stir fry for lunch today.

Marché for a very fun evening. Lauren is a distance runner with Oregon Track Club. Jesse is an "Iron Man" athlete. We had a great time discussing The One True Sport and enjoyed wonderful meals. Marché was featuring those fabulous oysters from Willapa Bay Dave loved on our trip this past August. Tonight the table ordered Willapa Bay oysters fried and raw. 

I had a martini instead.

After dinner, the earring search continued. DT used a screwdriver to remove a "hidden panel" under the bathroom sink. Using a flashlight, he searched behind the cabinet and after about ten minutes located the missing jewel! Yeah, Daddy! Lisa and I would be devastated if the earring had been lost. How something that small could cause so much trouble is beyond me.

Crisis Averted.

Now an important announcement: Late this evening, one of My Dear Readers, Chris C. (bless you), left a message on my blog that the Magna Peregrinus is highly visible at the beginning of the ESPNU video shot during the Oregon v USC tailgate. I looked at the video two or three times yesterday and NEVER NOTICED MY OWN MOTORHOME. (Okay, I never said I was a genius and never forget I am sight-impaired and not really very clever at all.)

Anyway... if you want to look at the video again, with a new vista... click on the ESPNU Road Trip website, go to Matchup 05, POSTGAME WEBISODES, sit through the Wing Street ad and fast-forward to the 44 second portion to see our bus (with the Big O on the back)... then fast-forward to 1:58 to see our tailgate party... which consists of a cop in gold lamé hot pants dancing with Jenn Brown.

Trust me on this.

Until my next update, I remain, your idiot correspondent.