Chinese Orange Chicken

Indio, California:  The sixth and final night of Chinese Week. Yes, I know a week holds seven days, but we are having cheese pizza tomorrow night dagnabbit. This week, we had beef twice, chicken twice, vegetarian once and vegan once. That's a lot of meat for this family. Also a lot of rice.

And don't forget about all the green onion.

Three new recipes have been posted this week as well - Cumin Beef (an authentic dish actually served in China), Beef with Broccoli (an authentic dish actually served in China, except their broccoli is different... more like broccolini) and this dish tonight: Chinese Orange Chicken.

So... this dish is not served in China, but it is very popular in Chinese restaurants throughout America. Not sure, but I am fairly certain it usually comes breaded and deep-fried in America, which is certainly not anything you would ever find in China or Taiwan. The only reason I title this recipe "Chinese Orange Chicken" is that I already a French-inspired Orange Chicken recipe on this website and don't want to confuse anyone. (And by anyone, I mean me. As of today, there are 277 recipes on this website; it's a lot for me to handle.)

Authentic or not, this citrusy chicken dish is really delicious, and not gummy or gross like a deep-fried fast-food edition. Less calories as well. Plus, it is very pretty and cooks in just a few minutes. I've made Chinese Orange Chicken a few times over the past month or so, in preparation for this week, and we enjoyed it every time.

visit the recipe page Until my next update, I remain, your "anxiously awaiting pizza" correspondent.

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