As anyone with a married daughter knows, there are many preparations before the nuptials. Our girl is quite stylish and crafty. Lenny is a writer and very creative. They wanted their personal touch on every aspect of the wedding.

sweat shop weekend"? Lisa and her two bridesmaids (and me) were sewing runners for the wedding dining tables and we also made 750 fabric pennants (above) from five different fabrics to hang across the open courtyard during the cocktail reception after the wedding ceremony. Lisa sewed small gift bags, from the same five fabrics, to hold the wedding favors. I made hundreds of organic Salted Pumpkin Caramels to fill the favor bags over the last few days we were in Oregon. DT and I spent two evenings wrapping the candies in cellophane.

chocolate chip cookies and snack mix to include in the (absolutely adorable) tote bag, along with the other welcoming gifts. Before we left Portland, I prepared portions of cookie dough. They were frozen in quarter-cup "pods" and packaged for transportation to our new oven in Indio.

several many a boat-load of Ponzi wines to the wedding.

commercial-sized baking sheets on this trip.

here is the Top Secret recipe.