2018: Potato Enchiladas + Confession

Indio, California: 2018 started with me feeling terrible... and not for the reasons one might usually suspect on the morning after the New Year holiday. (As I said, we were in bed by 9:30p.) I woke with a cold. A terrible cold that had me on my tuchas for four straight days. Plans cancelled. I barely left the bus. DT had to do the marketing, and - thank goodness - our freezer was ready with a few "heat and eat" meals. As I type this Friday morning, I am feeling a bit more human and can feel an imminent break-up with my tissue box.

The grandkids were not sick. No one we hang with has been sick. No idea where this monster cold came from. I had a flu shot, but this was not the flu (no fever, etc.), so no idea. Never mind my OCD hand washing/hand-sanitizer habit. Never mind that I never get sick. I was sick.

Be careful out there, people!

So, while there is no exciting adventurous news to share as the first blog post of 2018, I did want to share something I cooked over the last few weeks. Something that sounds strange, but something that is just wonderful: Potato Enchiladas.

I have taken a challenge with a few friends (and a few strangers) to have a purchase-free 2018. This means no clothing, shoes, jewelry or purses. Of course, food and toiletries are allowed, and I will give birthday gifts.

I am not clothes obsessed. I claim 31-inches in the motorhome closet and have 90% of my clothing in the RV. My problem is not clothes. My problem is not shoes. Nor jewelry. My problem is purses. There are seven handbags and two evening bags in this RV at the moment. Many more at home. Many.

This challenge, is in fact, a resolution. Will I stick to my decision? Have you made a resolution? How are you trying to improve yourself? What habits do you need to break?

Until my next update, I remain, your improving correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club