100 in December

Indio, California: Subscribers to the RV Goddess Newsletter have already heard the Big News: I have lost my mind and have decided to walk/run 100 miles in December as a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank. It's like running from Portland to Eugene! Progress will be reported at the bottom of each blog post. Cheer me on, join me by setting a goal for yourself, or make a donation to your local food bank while sitting on the sofa sipping eggnog. JUST DO IT, as we say around here.

Taco Salad for lunch at RosAmarillo in La Quinta.

DT and I are settling into a nice routine. Work and exercise in the morning, followed by lunch out somewhere, which leaves us the afternoon to read, needlepoint (DT does not needlepoint), run errands or do whatever retired people do.

Another beautiful sunset

As the sun sets - and wow, are we enjoying beautiful sunsets - we take a cruise in our golf cart around the resort, chat with fellow campers and admire all the new construction. Then we video-chat with Leo, before I prepare a gourmet meal cook dinner and we sit by the fire outside, enjoying witty conversation watching football on television.

Which means, except for the golf cart thing, our evening is probably awholelot like your evening. Oh, Dear Lord, when will this football stuff end???

One errand was to Costco, where DT put this interesting item in our cart:

Last night I served Tofu & Baby Bok Choy in Sesame-Ginger Sauce, so this morning I added a few scrambled eggs, chopped-up the tofu triangles to produce a lovely Asian breakfast.

Sea Salt & Freshly-Cracked Black Peppercorns

Or... how to take perfectly fat-and-calorie-free cauliflower and ruin it with cheese and cream. Recipe coming soon.

We needed the fireplace and one ceiling heater to enjoy the night outside. Though it was 70 degrees today, as soon as the sun goes down the temperatures drop. It will be below 40° tonight - very low for a December in the Coachella Valley.

Keep warm out there, people!

SLOGGER REPORT: Four days into December and I have already ticked-off 15 miles! Fifteen miles seems like an incredible amount of jogging, until I realize there are another 85 miles to cover before I dine on Fettuccini Alfredo New Year's Eve. (PS: Slogger = Slow Jogger.)

Until my next update, I remain, your gratined correspondent.

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