Use your RV!

Planning a trip of 1000 miles or more? Planning to fly? Maybe you should rethink?

The facts still state air travel is safer - mile-for-mile - than driving, but there is no comparison to the hassle of air travel to the comfort of cruising along in your own home on wheels. Especially now, as the lines in the airports are hours-long, tempers are short, and you can no longer even bring a bottle of water on board the plane.

Our RV is in the driveway, loaded with all the comforts of home for our three-day drive to Los Angeles. In comparison, it would take only 8 hours from the moment we left our house for the airport, to the moment a taxi delivered us to our hotel in Los Angeles. But because we have decided to use our motorhome, we won't have to dine on airline food - our fridge is stocked with our favorite home-made foods and we know of many great restaurants along our route. We can drive at our own pace, stopping when we wish to see the sites, or visit friends and family along the way. Though DT tries to enforce a clothing limit, I can bring along a lot of clothes and shoes! Best thing? We get to sleep in our own bed! No yucky plane potties, either!

It is difficult to compare costs of RV v. airline travel. You are paying for, and insuring, your RV whether it is being used or stored. It is getting more and more difficult to find a campsite under $35 dollars and let's not even discuss the price of fuel these days. Add the air, hotel costs and all those meals out, taxis or a rental car, tips... well, you get the picture. It is expensive, either way.

If time is not an issue, consider using your RV to get from Point A to Point B - instead of just pleasure or vacation travel. See how quickly images of long lines at the security check points fade from your mind.

Travel safe.