ID for the Road

Right now thousands of people are out walking, skiing, running, hiking and bicycling and most have no identification with them. If involved in an accident, or during a medical emergency, the unidentified person has no guarantee of receiving proper treatment if the EMT's and doctors don't know the patient.

We don't let our dogs leave the house or RV without identification - why not do the same for ourselves? Think how often we are away from our campers all day - fishing or bicycling - leaving our valuables (and purses) in the RV. What about all the times we leave our RVs to take Fido for a stroll in an unfamiliar town? Kids just don't have ID - what if you lose them in Disneyland?

A Kentucky company, Road ID, has a solution - a simple wrist band that can be worn anytime you are away from home without your wallet! The wrist band, originally designed for runners, would also be great for RV travelers. Road ID makes ID wrist bands, ankle bands, dog-tag style necklaces and ID that ties into your shoe lace. ID's are easy to personalize so you can add any medical information (diabetic, epileptic, etc.) to the information on your Road ID. (Mine gives my name, year of birth, home town, husband's phone number, daughter's phone number, and states I am traveling in motorhome so responders may be able to figure-out where I should be.)

Traveling with kids? Grandkids? If they are lost in an unfamiliar city, having your cell phone number on their wrist could save hours of agonizing before the tot is returned to you. Wrist or dog-tag ID would also be helpful if you have an adult family member who tends to roam.

Be careful out there people - and don't get lost!

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