Cleaning the RV Shower

Most RV's these days come equipped with a fiberglass or acrylic shower stall. They are lightweight and can be manufactured in unlimited sizes and configurations to fit any RV floor plan. The stalls are attractive and easy to maintain. Many RVers are dutiful about using a squeegee after a shower and some folks even dry the stall with an old towel - but one day you are going to have to clean the surface.

Fiberglass shower stall manufacturers provide detailed care instructions, but basically they state to never clean the surface with an abrasive cleaner (like Ajax powder) or pad (like steel wool). Then how should you clean the tough soap scum that will eventually find its way to the shower in your Home on Wheels?

Would you believe me if I told you a dryer sheet? Yes - Bounce, Snuggle or any brand will do - just choose your preferred scent, and hop in the shower!

Since learning this little trick (thanks, Mom), our RV shower has been clean and I have not had to use even one spray of a harsh chemical. Some may suggest a used dryer sheet will clean a shower, but I throw caution to the wind and use new dryer sheets! (I know, call me extravagant, but the used dryer sheets do not work as well.) This procedure works best if the shower stall and dryer sheet are wet. Moisten the dryer sheet and wipe the walls of the shower stall - when the motion becomes smooth, the gunk is gone. All you need is a little teeny bit of elbow grease. Two or three dryer sheets will clean an entire shower stall.

If the floor of your shower is textured, this can sometimes be very difficult to clean. But our old friend, fabric softener, comes to the rescue again. Pour a capful of liquid fabric softener on bottom of a wet shower floor. Use a fiberglass or acrylic-safe scrub brush to spread it evenly over the surface and let it sit for ten minutes. A little scrubbing with the brush will have it looking new again.

The dryer sheets also work wonders on glass shower doors and an old toothbrush dipped in liquid fabric softener will make quick work of soap scum on the metal and rubber seals around the door.

When your easy chore is finished, rinse the stall with the shower head and stand back and admire your work. Isn't that better than stinky bleachy cleaners on your hands - not to mention into your holding tank?

WARNING: the fabric softener will cause the shower stall to become slippery during cleaning, so take precaution.

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