The Crankiness of the Short-Distance Runner

Los Angeles, California: DT and I drove over to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with our family. This was a Big Day in our family history - Leo's first road race - the City Farm Turkey Trot.

Lisa and DT entered the 5k (just over 3 mile) race and jogged together in under 29 minutes. Interestingly enough, when Lisa signed up for the race, she (brain-fart?) entered her Dad in the 48 (instead of 58) year-old bracket. The registrant politely didn't say a thing about Lisa having a 16-year-older father. Not to mention what this ten-year age demotion made on DT's race result.

Slowest 48 year old EVER.

Leo stretched to get ready for his race while his 58 year old Grandpa enjoyed a coffee after his jog.

World Record!

The Santa Monica Track Club had a big presence at the races today. Odd, actually, to see professional runners at a little community event. We all had a big laugh when the novice announcer proclaimed the winner of the men's 10000m race at 21 minutes. What? 21 minutes for a 10k is a World Record by 5+ minutes. The announcer returned to the microphone later to say he was wrong about the 10k time (REALLY???) and it was around 30 minutes.

Too funny.

I just love little local road races.

Next, Leo prepped for his big race. A little yoghurt, a little fruit... then he changed into his racing kit and was ready to take on the crowd of other toddlers.

The Village Bakery & Cafe for a delicious breakfast. The Village is famed for many things - mostly fabulous breads, vegan/vegetarian meals and gluten-free pastries... and now (strangely) their Cronut - a croissant pastry deep-fried like a donut. The Village version is filled with chocolate and also glazed with chocolate. It takes a Village to raise a Cronut...

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