Six Photos of Leo

Los Angeles, California: The Big News from the City of Angels today concerns a brush fire. The Colby Fire has burned several homes about 40 miles west of Los Angeles - with the Santa Anna winds blowing the smoke southwest, back into the city. Three dudes (smoking dope around an illegal campfire) have been arrested. It is difficult to believe it is January - it was 90° at Lenny & Lisa's house today.

The view from here

DT went for a run (there was no smoke in the air in Lisa's neighborhood) this morning and then flew to Salt Lake City. David claims he was one of only two passengers on the plane not en route to the Sundance Film Festival, only because he was seated next to a gorgeous fashion model on her way to a photo shoot.

Everyone else on the plane? Sundance hipsters.

I had Leo-Duty all day. What does the CBE like to do most in the Whole Entire World?


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