Quick Trip to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California:  DT went out of town for Trustee meetings, so I decided to hop on the shuttle plane to Los Angeles to see the grandkids. We had let September slip by (knee surgery!) without seeing them. I was afraid they would not remember me. They did, but their growth and change is so evident after six weeks apart.

Leo is reading so well. I put him to bed the other night and he read to me, instead of the usual vice-versa.

Leo, taking selfies with my phone - savvy six-year-old

Leo played a record for me on the Victrola he received on his birthday in August.

Leo reading Go. Dog. Go! to me

While he was reading to me, I noticed a little gold sticker on the back cover of the book:

Chalk Tops (Mason jar tops painted with chalkboard paint - they come in regular and wide mouth; this job required regular size) and a water-proof chalk pen. Then, well, nothing happened. I never finished the job. Lisa recently un-baby-proofed much of the kitchen and moved things around to make her kitchen tasks easier and stated it was time for me finish my task.

So I did:

Leo was in school all day today and Lucy was in school until 1p. Lisa and I fetched Lucy and took her for ice cream.

Lucy is still very sweet, but is showing a little spunk. No idea where she gets this... ha... ha... ha...

Lisa and Lenny celebrated their wedding anniversary tonight by going out to dinner - they had a free built-in babysitter after all. I fed the kids dinner, and, after baths, we watched 101 Dalmatians and popped some corn. Embarrassed to say this was the first time I had seen the film. (Leo and Lucy loved the part where Cruella deVil fell in the vat of molasses and the pig sty.)

Until my next update, I remain, your it's way past their bedtime correspondent.