Greeting from SoCal

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I flew down to Los Angeles this morning. We are attending our niece's wedding and will spend time with our beautiful grandchildren (and their equally beautiful parents).

If you have been living an Instagram-free existence, you may not know it is "a thing" to take a photo of your feet when you land/take-off from Portland International Airport, because the carpet in the airport is famous. I know - it is hard to wrap your brain around famous carpet, but the carpet at PDX is beyond famous... it is iconic. Seriously - how many airport carpets have their own Wikipedia page?

Thing is, the carpet is being switched-out to a new design this month. Near the original design, but just a bit different. A little greener? I like the new design.

Portland International Airport must win some-sort of award for best restaurants, best shopping, cheapest parking and most micro-brews offered. 

Keep Portland Weird.

As we flew-off to Los Angeles, I (poor DT had the aisle seat today) had incredible views to Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams (both pictured above, right to left), and if I craned my neck enough could also see Mount St. Helens and all the way to Mt. Rainier (east of Seattle!) today. Wow.

Burbank International has expanded. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I have tried to keep this wonderful small commuter airport to myself. I did not want to let anyone to know how convenient "BUR" is to Los Angeles (without having to deal with LAX). The Burbank Airport was like a bus depot, but they have recently added a very fancy car rental facility that requires a half-mile walk (via moving sidewalks), completely removing the airport from bus station status into legit airport realm.

DT and I retrieved our Nissan Altima (no GPS!) and hit the road to see our beautiful grandchildren.

Burrito with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, cauliflower and cashew "cheese" sauce

We all enjoyed our burritos, but someone around the table had a bit more fun:

Black Bean taco: Lucy Loves Food! (PS: still will not take a bottle.)

Dave and I pointed our rental car over to the beach after dinner, met-up with Brother Bill and the family and are ready for the nuptials tomorrow evening.

NOTE: I have exited the garage twice now to take my new car out on a few errands/appointments (can't expect to attend a wedding without a mani-pedi). Though still a small car, the Jeep Cherokee is quite a bit larger than the Honda CRV. I am impressed with the smooth ride and the sound system. Jimmy Buffett has never sounded so good (and that's saying something as my favorite crooner may not have the best voice in the world). The car engine shuts-off automatically while stopped, like at a red light. I am familiar with this situation after driving Lisa and Lenny's hybrids, but it will take a little getting used to. (The Jeep is not a hybrid, but uses a start/stop system for fuel economy and air quality.) My new car is now in contact with my cell phone. I can start/lock/unlock the car from my phone (anywhere in the world). If the alarm sounds, I get a text message. If the car is stolen, my phone tracks it. Don't mess with my new car.

I hope I never lose my phone.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.