Day Two

Los Angeles, California: With only one complete and total melt-down (by Leo, not me), it was a pretty successful day. Our day started as most days, coffee and looking at pictures of horsies reading emails.

Our mission for the day was to get Leo to The Americana by 11a for yoga with his pals. The Americana is a large outdoor shopping mall built to look like a little European village... except it has fake lawn and pop music piped through speakers. Oh, and it's in Glendale, not Europe. There is a little bit of a "Vegas-style" element at the mall with a fountain spraying to the beat of the music.

Yoga went well. By that I mean, yoga went well for everyone in the class, except Leo. He had no interest what-so-ever in sitting on a mat and practicing yoga. He wanted to sit by Bubba. Mostly Leo practiced the tumbling he learned at his gymnastics class yesterday. Lulu (his little gal-pal in green) switched between yoga with her Mom and fussing over her new baby brother.

We ended up leaving the class early, taking Leo outside to see the fountain, while his friends finished their breathing exercises.

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