Back on Duty

Los Angeles, California:  Dave and I left Indio the morning after the Mexican Fiesta to drive to Los Angeles. We are now on babysitting duty for four nights while Lisa and Lenny take a short (long-planned) escape. We love to stay with the grandchildren, especially while their parents are away. We always have a lot of fun, and maybe... quite possibly... okay, no doubt, a few rules are broken.

Since Lisa and Lenny left for the airport very early Thursday morning, Bubba and I had to get both kids to two different schools at two different times using two different cars. There is more choreography delivering these two to school than there is in Swan Lake. Not to mention lunches, snacks, changes of clothing - and homework.

In the afternoon, the entire process is repeated in reverse... except the kids have afterschool activities several days a week and are never on a regular schedule. There is some-sort of flow-chart detailing their activities. How in the heck my mom - with five kids - handled all of this, I can never imagine! Plus, she was always a Den Mother or troop leader, baking for a school function, and my Dad was President of the PTA. My Dear Husband often reminds me that I did it all. All! With one child - and live-in help... and a driver - in The Philippines and Taiwan. 

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

Either way, parenthood is an exhausting job. But one day you will be rewarded with grandchildren... and you can relive those early days when your grown children run off on a business trip or holiday, and ask you to watch their kids... except you are no longer in your 20s or 30s. You are in your 60s or 70s. Dave and I go to bed about 15 seconds after Leo and Lucy are down each evening, but we wouldn't give up these special few days alone with them for anything.

Leo and Lucy were invited to a birthday party Thursday at 5p. Their friend, Emma, turned 4 and had a Peppa Pig party at a local pizza place, Desano. We have been to the restaurant before and - wow - do they turn-out a fine pie.


migas - crispy corn tortilla strips with scrambled eggs, topped with shredded beef brisket and pico de gallo. Ten bucks.

After fetching the kids from school, we took them to ice cream (because it is Friday... because why not?) at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. This week Jeni is featuring popcorn with sweet and salty peanuts ice cream. So unusual. Yes, they have vanilla (single-sourced from a vanilla grower in Uganda), but nothing is ordinary about an ice cream from Jeni's Splendid.

I asked the kids to smile so I could snap a photo for their parents:

Annie's mac & cheese in the cupboard.

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