A Day at the Zoo

Los Angeles, California:  Everyone slept until a fairly reasonable hour... if you consider 7:15 a reasonable hour. I do not, but was up and had everyone fed and ready for the day in time to take Leo to Hebrew school. Then I was home long enough to get myself ready and pack a picnic lunch (grandchild-inspired) for our planned zoo trip.

We all fetched Leo after school and went directly to the zoo where we discovered we were not the only family with plans to visit the zoo today. So busy! Happily, we are members, so skipped the long entrance lines and quickly joined the crowds.

It is late as I write this blog. I am tired. I am going to post a lot of photos, with a few captions. I will assume most of My Readers will recognize a giraffe when they see one.


Bubbe, will you put me on Instagram? I did.

I'm crazy for this boy!

The fake smiling continues...

Now we know why kids are so sweet most of the time? Also... peanut butter and jelly with the bread crusts cut off are very messy to eat. Leo is in a no-crust stage at the moment. Lucy doesn't care either way. She is such a good eater, though currently adverse to cucumbers.

Bubba is hiding behind that unicorn

Lucy fell asleep in her car seat before we left the zoo parking lot! We had an early night. DT brought sushi home for dinner - our grandkids LOVE sushi and yellowtail sashimi and can eat their weight in edamame.

Then: Baths. Books. Bed.

Until my next update, I remain, your "joining them soon" correspondent.