More Recommended RV Kitchen Products

Here are a few more useful items for your RV (and probably home) kitchen:

Regency Parchment Rounds

Does your RV have a GE Advantium oven, or any oven with round trays? Save yourself a lot of trouble, mess and dishwashing by lining the oven trays with parchment paper. (Measure your trays first - Advantium trays are 12-inch.) Look for 24-sheet packages of 12-inch round parchment in cookware shops or order from amazon.com.

Foil + Parchment

This combo product - parchment paper on one side, aluminum foil on the other - should win a Nobel Prize. Very helpful in the RV or home kitchen and fantastic for lining pans. Look for the rolls, made by Reynolds (Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper) or Martha Stewart (Martha Wrap), at your supermarket.