Dorot Frozen Garlic Cubes

One product always in my RV freezer (and at home) is Dorot's garlic. Garlic in the freezer? Yes, and it's fabulous.

Grown on a working kibbutz in Israel, the fresh garlic is crushed and formed into clove-sized portions, placed in miniature ice-cube-type trays and frozen - garlic cubes to go. Nothing could be easier or more convenient for RV cooking. Simply turn the tray over and pop-out a cube (or two, or three...) replace the lid, and return the tray to the freezer. No mess. No chopping. No measuring.

Dorot also produces frozen cubes of parsley, basil, dill, cilantro and have recently introduced ginger cubes. There are twenty cubes per package. The garlic cloves pop-out of the tray with ease and the flavor is always fresh and outstanding. The package is no larger than a slice of bread, using little precious freezer space. I especially enjoying using the cloves when making a marinade for meats. It is easy to pop a few cloves into a zip-top bag, add a little oil, wine, salt, pepper and herbs (frozen, fresh or dried) and squish it all together. The garlic melts quickly into the sauce. Place the meat into the bag, seal and shake to coat. This is a great trick for the RV kitchen, with no clean-up. About Dorot Kibbutz: Located in the center of Israel, Dorot was founded in 1941 and has grown to be quite successful. They are the largest grower of garlic in Israel. Dorot's Marketing manager, Zohar Shalev, said the kibbutz utilizes 50 people in the frozen herb business. (The Dorot Kibbutz also makes hydraulic valves for water systems, operates a large farming operation and offer guest accommodations.) Part of the United Kibbutz Movement, Dorot is an acronym for Dov, Rebecca and Tirza Hoz, kibbutz residents killed in a tragic road accident during the actual initial stages of settling the land. Dorot garlic and herbs are available throughout the world and in the United States are sold at Trader Joe's and many major supermarket chains.

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