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Napa: Day Three

Napa, California: The rain finally stopped overnight, but it was mostly-cloudy this morning. No matter, we laced-up our NIKEs and hit the streets, weaving our way down the river trail, around downtown, into residential areas, through a Farmers Market and back along the river and finally to our RV. Whew. We saw a lot of water birds, a gondolier with no passengers, and smelled a lot of marijuana smoke. At 10 o'clock in the morning.

Loved the sign in this shop!

High tide in Napa this morning.

This mural in the Napa Fairgrounds has been a long-time project. Looking good!

A few shots of the RV park.

Since a visit to the Chuck Williams museum was not in the cards, we just decided to have a day of rest. After a sandwich in the RV, we went to a very nice shoe shop we had visited before, Lark Shoes. They specialize in shoes old ladies prefer. Solid. Lightweight. I found a nice pair of ballet flats. I prefer ballet flats, but ballet flats do not lend themselves well to short old wide feet. Still, I keep trying.

After so much meat the past few days, a flesh-free meal was prepared tonight. (A cup of chicken stock was employed in this repast.) I put a cup of chicken stock on to a boil in my smallest pot, then added a half-cup or so of chopped onion (skin and all), and three large cloves of sliced garlic (skin and all), a few sprigs of parsley, a stem of fresh basil, six or so black peppercorns, and a big splash of Pinot Grigio. This mélange was simmered for thirty minutes until it had reduced by half. After the mixture had cooled a bit, it was strained (onion/herb mixture discarded), then I added a 10-ounce can of tomato purée... mistakenly purchased instead of paste last week... which resulted in a lovely silky red sauce - loaded with flavor.

The cocks-comb/rooster-crown pasta was boiled, and the tomato sauce was heated with the addition of a nice knob of butter. Tossed together, with only chiffonade of basil, this was a wonderful dinner - served with a Caesar salad. Only one cup of dry pasta was boiled, but it was plenty and the perfect amount of sauce to serve two. No leftovers! Might have to add this "recipe" to the rotation? This dish could easily be vegetarian or vegan by using veggie stock or water, and omitting the butter (or substitute margarine).

How fun is this pasta!

This just in... or possibly stolen from Instagram:

The Four L's ready for some tricks or treats. Lenny went as Ted Lasso, Leo chose LA Charger quarterback Justin Herbert (former Duck QB), and Lucile went as Hermione Granger. Lisa? I could not tell, so asked. Lisa went as Roy Kent (Ted Lasso co-star). (?)

Until my next update, I remain, your Napa correspondent.

RV PARK: Napa Valley Expo RV Park - Really a small park and hard to snag a reservation, but what a great location. Walk to town. Full service pull-through and back-in sites. We are paying $54 per night.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a good time. thanks for the card the new house is slowly getting everything put together.

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