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Terry & Dave Taylor

Surprise Birthday Weekend

Yachats, Oregon: Sister Renee celebrated a "zero" birthday this weekend. Her daughter, Carla, had us all on alert for months - planning a surprise. Carla rented a little bungalow at the beach and told her Mom they were going away to celebrate. Dave and I even make fake plans to take her to dinner a few days after her birthday. Little did my little sister know, but two of her siblings, and Dad & Mary, were all rendezvousing in Yachats (pronounced yaw-hots)  .

Renee and Carla drove from Portland. Dad and Mary drove from Washington, where they had been visiting Mary's kids. Brother Rick and Ali drove from their home in Central Oregon (in their fabulous new 24' C-Class). DT and I drove from Portland. We all hid in town (which is pretty difficult to do in teeny Yachats) until we met at the prescribed dinner spot. Wow, was Renee surprised to see us all sitting at a long table in the middle of the restaurant! Good job, Carla!

Renee, Carla, Mary & Dad at breakfast Saturday morning

After breakfast Saturday, we all drove up to Newport to spend the morning at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

DT and TerryT
Passages of the Deep
Passages of the Deep
Carla, Renee, Ali and DT at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

As luck would have it, our friend, Suzie, was volunteering at the aquarium today. She scuba dives in the tanks, cleaning things up - and this allows her to keep her scuba certification up-to-date while helping the aquarium!


Suzie told us where she would be diving today. When we found her, she "threw her O" for us - Suzie is also a Duck alum. GO DUCKS!

Carla, being eaten by a shark at the Oregon Coast Aquarium



Well, y'all know we were going to have lunch at the Rogue Brewery. We always do when we are in the area. I am sorry to announce the restaurant has completely changed their menu! Not for the better either. I used to rave about their fish and chips - crispy Halibut - but today they were gummy. I was served three pieces and one piece was completely hollow. No fish inside at all. What? Also, they have removed their delicious Kobe beef & blue cheese meatballs from the menu entirely. So sad.

Fish and ChipsBurger
Sad fish & chips - but you can't go wrong with a burger at a brew pub

After lunch we went off in search for dinner. We were going to cook dinner in the rental beach house. Salmon, salad, garlic bread. We picked up most things at a local grocer, but went down to the docks in Newport to buy salmon.

DT and Terryt
Birthday Girl
The Birthday Girl

Dinner was delicious, plus Ali brought a berry pie. After dinner, it was possible to see whales spouting from shore:

DT and Rick
DT and Brother Rick watching for water spouts

Until my next update, I remain, your Yachats correspondent.


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